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The core value of King’s Reach is to support the vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people of Maidstone. The children and young people who have been victims of abuse, had problems with their mental health or are at risk of becoming involved in crime. Some are missing their education because they cannot cope with school or feel they have no one to talk to and no one to listen. Many of these children and young people are living without hope.


Our founder Dave King MBE has been working with vulnerable children and young  people in Maidstone for over 30 years. The charity was launched in 2003 to expand upon Dave’s work and has supported hundreds of vulnerable and disadvantaged children and young people in Maidstone. The charity has also setup various initiatives over the years including a free Counselling Programme, Mentoring Programmes, Community Football teams, one-to-one education, an Alternative Curriculum School and Family Support Programmes to help support this vision and adapt to changing circumstance.

We work with a small number of cases at any one time. A King’s Reach support worker will spend time with the young person to assess and prioritise the presenting issues and agree upon a plan to address these needs. They will continue to monitor progress to ensure the young person receives the care, support and opportunities needed to succeed. Once we have assessed the level of support required, we will look to access support through statutory services.  If this is not an option, we will partner with established local organisations and charities that are at the forefront of supporting the most vulnerable children and young people in our society.


If we cannot access the right support we put the case out to appeal through our Can You Fund It? and Can You Give It? campaigns. These campaigns assist in filling the gaps in support services by either recruiting professional volunteers or to help buy in the professional services needed.






King’s Reach provide a bespoke one-to-one education and mentoring programme for students who are unable to engage in mainstream education. Non-attendance can be for a variety of reasons including low self-esteem, trauma, bullying, mental health, undiagnosed special educational needs, family bereavement or crisis.

During an assessment period of approximately 4-6 weeks an individual plan is established, students are paired with an experienced one-to-one tutor and mentor who will help the student to re-engage with their learning and address any presenting issues. Our tuition and mentoring programme sessions are 2-3 hours per day and can be accessed 1-5 days a week depending on the needs of the student.

King’s Reach provides support for schools and the Local Authority to re-engage young people who are not attending school, are disengaged with their education or causing disruption. Non-attendance can be a huge problem for schools and the work that the Local Authority are carrying out. In response to this, King’s Reach offer a service that engages with the non-attending young people and their families, and supports the young person back into school. The purpose of the attendance programme is to explore and minimise the factors that may be contributing to a lack of attendance.





iMAP is an intensive mentoring and assessment programme for vulnerable young people who are considered to be at risk. iMAP professionals are able to work in partnership with the Police, the Local Authority and Schools.  iMAP's aim is to identify the root causes of a young person’s negative and disruptive behaviour. It is able to identify the risk factors surrounding a young person and work intensively to minimize these risks. The behaviours seen are usually a result of complex issues in the young person’s personal life. We give the young person time and space to examine their behaviours, what causes them and support the young person in addressing them.

King’s Reach provide an outdoor learning programme that is designed for disengaged or non-attending students. The time spent in our woodland helps to take the pressure out of the situation for both the student and the school and can help students to re-engage with their learning. Studies prove that it takes as little as 7 minutes of being out in the forest for our stress levels to begin to reduce. Teaching in this non pressured and nurturing environment enables us to work with students and progress them from where they currently are. We are able to offer Level 1 & 2 Ofqual registered qualifications, students can achieve an award, certificate or diploma depending on the length of time they are on the course.





"iMAP has helped and supported me so much, I trust them and know I can talk to them. Mum is so glad they have continued to support me since I left school so I have a safe place to go. They helped me find funding for my college course and helped me sort accommodation, open a bank account and get all the equipment I needed for my course. I wouldn’t have made it into college without their help."

"If it wasn't for King's Reach I wouldn't be where I am, they've given me clothes, food and been there for me when I needed them most.  When I found myself homeless and had nowhere else to turn, Calvin was there to support me with social services, housing and education and help me to get to my appointments on time.

Thank you for all your support."

"King's Reach helped us get our son back into education, helped us to meet the housing association requirements so  we didn't get evicted. They helped provide us with food parcels when we had nothing. We give these people ten out ten for the support they have given us. – They are brilliant and we trust them with everything."


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